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The Tribe In Action is an Athens community based organization with a
worldwide presence linking local and global sustainability. We act for both
environmental and humanitarian fields as our belief is that the environment is
fundamental to humanitarian action.

Our aim is to work on desertified lands, recreate the ecosystem through water
management and we are mainly focused on supporting local communities by
planting food forests, educating people and setting the guidelines for their
sustainable living.

Welcome to the tribe. Let’s take action.






Planting trees and growing
food forests for sustainable
living and abundant local


Our trees
olive trees, walnut,
almond, hazelnut, chestnut,
apple, peach, plum,
lemon, orange, mandarin.


Creating new job
opportunities to support the
micro economy of local


Bees for the planet
As pollinators, bees support
the growth of trees, flowers,
and other plants, which serve
as food and shelter for
creatures large and small.
Bees contribute to complex,
interconnected ecosystems
that allow a diverse numberof
different species to co-exist.
Taste our honey produced
in N.Evia.


Educational programs
in public schools all over
Greece. This includes
planting with pupils, teaching
& donating wooden crafts like
pens, scribes, puzzles, riddles
etc all produced in Greece by


Research & development
for decentralized practices,
mainly focused on how to
bring more residents from the
big cities to remote areas of



Sand dams
Building sand dams to collect
water and recreate the
desertified eco system in local
communities of Mwingi area.
Water supply in used by
locals mainly for irrigation.


Creating nursery plants in
school areas, mainly focused
on trees for food, shade and
sand side support. Medicinal
plants as well like Moringa a
superfood, well known as the
plant saving from starvation.


programs in about 300
schools in Mwingi area. A
seminar of permaculture
including teaching, nursery
volunteering & water
managements techniques.

school (1)

Building a decent school of
500 pupils in communities
area can cost about 4000eur.
The schools right now are
almost falling and are covered
by ellenit asbestos, a cheap
heavy dangerous chemical
material that can cause


Drinking Water
Next goal for our locals in
Kenya is a drilling borewell
that can provide them clean
water. Locals of Kavutei
community walk a distance of
20km to collect dirty water
from the closest dam and
walk back another 20km
carrying the bottles just to
water their plants or boil it to
consume it.


[meaning “welcome” in
Swahili language]
Coconuts from abundant
neighboring areas are
transferred to communities to
fight dehydration & hunger
and then coconut bowls are
traveling all over the world



Our mission
is to create a factory run &
leaded only by women with
proper premises that fulfill
their needs.


Creativity healing
Teaching our ladies business,
art & stitching.
It has been many times that
we create a new pattern after
our group therapy. It seems
like our ladies express
themselves this way.


Group therapy
s an essential part of our
social project. 35 women is
our core team. Each one of
them has a very sensitive
story to tell. Sharing and
connecting is liberating their
faces from sorrow.


Learning women
to be independent.
In rural areas of Bangladesh,
it seems normal for a girl to
get married on her 7 years old
and till recently rape was
legal. Job opportunities &
expertise make them feel
worthy, self confident and
they become strong enough
to fight for their


Schools& Parenting
Spreading awareness
about kids rights but also
supporting parents to fulfill
decently their role
Children do not follow the
basic education due to
poverty conditions and
lack of awareness.


Our production line is 5-6
hours away from the mass
production of brands in
Dhaka. Their soft toys are
made of fabric knitted in a
neighboring village.
Soft toys made for