Nature for Humanity & vice versa 

Planting trees and growing food forests in Greece 🇬🇷. 

Food trees and beehives for sustainability and abundant local communities. 

🌳 Our trees_ walnut, almond, hazelnut, chestnut, fig, apple, peach, plum, lemon, orange, mandarin & last but not least olive trees. 


🐝 Our beehives _ our new tech beehives, made by our innovation team in Coco-mat hub, create an ideal environment for the needs of the bees, so they pollinate better, produce more and have a better life.


Our Impact on Earth 


💨  CO2 _ Over a lifetime of 100 years, one tree could absorb around a tonne of CO2. What does that actually mean? How can we weight CO2, since it is aerial? Did you know that every form of matter has a weight? There a certain weight in the atmosphere above us as well. Imagine a ball of 10 meter diameter and this way you can approach the sense of 1 ton of co2. A person that moves by car, planes or consumes energy every day, has an impact on earth of 7-8 tons of CO2 per year. 

👩🏻‍🌾 Local Communities _ Our regenerative farms attribute to local communities and support their everyday life, so that they can have their own food forest and produce their own honey. 

🐝 Bees_ Why bees are important? 

As pollinators, bees support the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants, which serve as food and shelter for creatures large and small. Bees contribute to complex, interconnected ecosystems that allow a diverse number of different species to co-exist.

According to approximate estimations , for each stremma we plant, we use 50-80 trees ( depending on the species and the land needs) and we establish 2 new beehives,  which literally means a positive impact on about 150 local villagers.