Job openings (exclusively for Tribe subscribers)


How it works

If you are interested in working with us or with our affiliates send us an e-mail at attaching your CV and a cover letter sharing a few things about yourself and the reasons you feel like you’ll be a good match for the vacancy you apply for. If you meet the criteria for the job we offer, we will arrange a skype call or an interview to discuss and see how we can work out a win-win scenario. Please make sure you use the same e-mail you subscribed with.


For our NGO:

  • Social workers for our refugee projects
  • Environmental influencers
  • Team building experts
  • Sponsorship experts

For our Tribe Lodge:

  • Event organizer

For our sponsors-affiliates:

  • CGN is offering a 2-month (November-December) part-time job to 2 young mechanical engineers from the Tribe team
  • Coco-mat bike sales

*If you want to get job alerts from us via e-mail, please let us know at .